Planning and Design Tips For Your New Windows For Your Home

Windows and doors have been a mainstay in the homes of Kitchener for over one hundred years. These windows have seen many changes throughout their time as a feature of the house, from the original Bakelite and glazed panes to the modern double pane glass that is so commonplace today. One of the most popular new features in these newer homes is the addition of a sliding glass door that can be opened to a balcony or outside room for a more spacious look. While this can be an attractive addition to a home, there are many practical considerations to be made before installing any new sliding glass door.

Kitchener Windows and Doors

For one, these doors are made of one piece of material, meaning that they cannot be easily deluxe’d like a French door or sash. This makes them rather unsightly and poses additional issues for cleaning. Also, the fact that they are stuck together means that they are likely to become loose over time, creating a greater need to replace them if they become too worn out to serve their purpose.

On the plus side, Kitchener windows and doors are almost indestructible due to their materials. They are typically constructed of wood or vinyl, which means that they can take a licking and keep on ticking. They are also resistant to rotting, meaning that they will not decay over time like other traditional doors will. Additionally, since they are attached at the bottom, they will not warp or squeak over time, unlike most other sliding doors. This means that you can expect your sliding doors to stay in working order for a good number of years to come.

Kitchener Windows and DoorsHowever, while this durability is to be desired, windows and doors should also be protected against the elements. In the winter and fall, the weather can often get in the way of a home’s windows and sliding doors, especially if they are made of treated wood. Because of the way that they are designed, these doors can become quickly damaged and misshapen. This can make them look unattractive and even hinder the flow of light through the window when there is a problem with one of them.

To protect their surfaces, there are a variety of different products on the market that can be used to keep them looking great. One of the best options is a wood preservative called Woodprime. This wood preservative can be placed between the wood window and sliding doors on a perforated panel and can extend their lives by as long as twenty years. By doing this, you can keep your door working properly without having to deal with staining, patching, or even painting. Another option for keeping the wooden window from looking old is a wood sealer, which is sprayed directly onto the window once it has been cut.

The type of material that you choose to use will depend on your budget and personal preference. For example, you may prefer the look of wood over vinyl. You may also prefer to choose an all glass door instead of one that is partially comprised of glass. Kitchener windows come in a wide variety of styles and sizes so you are sure to find a style and size that will go with your overall home decor. With a little bit of planning and research, you can have beautiful new Kitchener windows in no time at all.