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10 Ways to Realize Hidden Opportunities

But Brooks saw opportunity in the monumental challenge of leading a bunch of young, amateur, college all stars against the essentially professional players of the Soviet Union and other European hockey powers.

That opportunity paid off, to say the least.

Whether you talking about sports, business or any other subject matter, seeking, finding and capitalizing on opportunity are among the most important things a professional must do.

There one big problem with opportunity, however. It is
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I agree wholeheartedly with Swindoll characterization. The best opportunities are often hidden. They are often located in places we least expect to find
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That reminds me of the old story that sales managers like to share with their young trainees: his way back from a three day fishing trip, a multi millionaire visits the showroom of an upscale, luxury car dealer. The salespersons,
replica oakleys seeing an unshaven, disheveled, poorly dressed man, essentially ignore him. Offended, the multi millionaire buys a top of the line model the next day from a direct competitor. There are a lot of ways to tell that classic missed sales opportunity story, but they all sound something like that.

If opportunity is so important to our success, and so difficult to find and recognize, we need to focus more of our energy on it. Unless you naturally good at it, finding and capitalizing on opportunity needs to be a deliberate focus:

1. Open your eyes and ears we can no longer afford to be indifferent, or even worse, oblivious to the world around us. Be on the lookout for ideas that could lead to new opportunities. Even more important than eyes and ears, keep your mind open too. Many of us miss opportunities, because they don fit into our pre existing paradigms.

2. Remember that all people count sometimes we get so obsessed with the people, we miss out on valuable opportunities from people, who on the surface, can do seemingly nothing for us.

3. Fight through the fear one of the biggest reasons we miss out on extraordinary opportunities is because we are too afraid to leap. Herb Brooks wasn too afraid to leap; we shouldn be either.

4. Let your creative juices flow the Nobel Prize winning scientist Albert Szent Gyorgi once said, consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought. The more creative you are, the more opportunity you will discover. See the world in a different way, and doing things like nobody
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5. Take risks As the old saying goes, risked, nothing gained. Unless you take a chance and do something new, you keep running into the same old opportunities.

6. Work
fake oakley sunglasses really hard is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work, said the great inventor Thomas Edison.

7. Set meaningful goals make those goals specific too. The more you clarify what you really want, the quicker you will recognize it when it shows up.

8. Find quiet time many people have found great opportunities, because they prayed for them or spent time meditating about them. Such activity creates focus
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9. Believe visualize success and tell yourself that good things will come. A positive mind is more receptive to hidden opportunity.

10. Prepare as the old Boy
fake oakleys Scout motto says, prepared. You never know when the perfect opportunity will open up. If you not prepared, you might not act on it quickly enough. In his autobiography, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said he believes in preparation. He constantly prepares for crisis, so he will perform properly. Same thing applies to opportunity.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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