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6 Hit Songs You Won’t Believe Are Insulting Celebrities

Music tends to be a "names changed to protect the innocent" kind of business. That’s why it’s so easy to miss that some of the most famous songs in history were written as direct insults to actual people. The following songs take on a whole new meaning once you realize .

6. "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" Is About Steven Tyler Hitting on Vince Neil

We know what you’re thinking what’s insulting about this song? It’s Steven Tyler’s tender ode to a cross dressing paramour. Good for him for being so open about it in the notoriously close minded and forbidding mid ’80s, when such things were still taboo even though every
fake Michael Kors damn dude on MTV looked like a woman.

And that’s exactly how the confusion started.

SGranitz / WireImage / Getty

Tyler was actually the third manliest musician on TV during the ’80s.

The story goes that Steven Tyler and Joe Perry were hitting the bars in their pre sobriety days, so let the meaning of that "Cruising to a bar on the shore" line be a mystery no longer. During their night out, Tyler spotted a beautiful woman and, even though she was facing away from him, fell instantly in love. He was getting all
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Hanging out with the band after the incident and listening to their limited vocabulary gave Tyler the inspiration he needed to put words to the hook that had been knocking around in his head, which became the familiar "That, that, dude looks like a lady!"

Larry Marano / Hulton / Getty

OK, yeah. We get it.

Neil was so embarrassed about it that he denied the story for years, claiming it was about a night with Tyler at a drag bar, because that’s way less embarrassing. He eventually came clean, though, admitting in his autobiography that, yeah, Steven Tyler wanted that ass.

Let us be thankful that the only result of this mix up was one of Aerosmith’s less terrible late era songs and not one of those sex tapes that Vince Neil used to be so fond of making.

Ebet Roberts / Redferns / Getty

Incredibly, this is not a screengrab from one of those tapes.

5. The Only Feel Good Oasis Song Is About Kurt Cobain’s Depression

Photoshot / Hulton Archive / Getty

Back in the halcyon days of the ’90s, when misery was in and hygiene was decidedly out,
fake Michael Kors appropriately named Oasis had one of their first hits with the uncharacteristically positive "Live Forever." It was a refreshing departure from the otherwise angst ridden airwaves, with lyrics about the joy of living, picking yourself up, finding meaning, and "just want[ing] to fly."

An urge well known to most people born in the United Kingdom.

Of course, if you’re at all familiar with the bratty, foul mouthed antics of the fraternal backbone of Oasis, Liam and Noel Gallagher, you know it’s also quite a departure from their usual brand of surliness, so there had to be a catch.

Indeed, Noel had taken an issue with this douchebag who was making quite a name for himself with his dirty, pessimistic little
Michael Kors handbags outlet songs Kurt Cobain, maybe you’ve heard of him? In an impressive display of completely misunderstanding what depression is and how it works, Noel decided that Kurt was taking his incredible success and life in general for granted. After all, Noel had less than he did, and he was still happy to wake up every day, so what was this asshole’s problem? He wrote the song in 1991 as a way of telling Cobain,
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KMazur / WireImage / Getty

"How can a man with sweaters so large be so sad?"

Obviously it didn’t work, which could be blamed on a few different factors. For one, having a Gallagher brother tell you to stop being so grumpy is like the comic Gallagher telling you to stop being
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Michael Kors handbags might blow off a "Do as I say, not as I do" suggestion like that one.

Possibly playing a larger role in the communication breakdown that kept Noel Gallagher’s life saving advice from reaching its intended target (Kurt Cobain’s head) was the fact that by the time the song was released it was August 1994, which eagle eyed readers will note is the year that Kurt’s suffocating depression (or wife) finally did him in. Probably would have been better to have just sent him a letter or something.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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