Meet TG mag’s Apocalypse Survival Tools of the Year: Mercedes-AMG G63 and Suzuki Jimny

Meet TG mag’s Apocalypse Survival Tools of the Year: Mercedes-AMG G63 and Suzuki Jimny

At times of apocalypse and rains fire on these ungodly lands, there are only five things which are scientifically proven to survive. The first 4 are ordinary knowledge – cockroaches, MotoGP riders, tinned Spam and that dried Weetabix leftover when you quit your bowl out the whole night. The next is the latest Mercedes-AMG G63 which is an impenetrable fortress of a car, just as effective of leaving behind a nuclear blast as it is remaining firm at one place, absorbing the impact then ongoing it’s business, trundling nonchalantly around the debris.

The Suzuki Jimny concluding by its 3 star NCAP reprimand would not cost quite so well in the beginning fireball which is a humiliation because it would thrive in the aftermath. It might give away 476 brake horsepower to the G63 AMGbut the Suzuki Jimny is a small, deliberate mountain goat of a car which can rush over most things coming in its way. In many of the ways, it is not just the adorably squared-off body but it is the trainee to the G, the young whippersnapper who wishes to be same as the big Merc when it develops. And who are we to come in the middle of its dreams?

Battle of the Boxes


g63 amg

The Suzuki Jimny and Mercedes G63 AMG have many differences rather than similarities although they consist of the same shape – square and boxy. There is also a huge cost difference too; still, both measure themselves as competent off-road vehicles. To use their off-road potentials to the test, Matt Watson at Carwow slide behind the wheel of the Jimny and challenged the Mercedes-AMG G63 for an off-road race.

The horsepower and torque are the most important differences between the two vehicles. The Suzuki Jimny holds a small 1.5 liter engine covering just 100 bhp (74 kW) and 95 pound-feet (130 Nm) of torque. That is not even slightly same to the power output of the G63 AMG having twin-turbocharged 4.0 liter V8 offering 585 hp (436kW) and 626 lb-ft (850 Nm) of torque. This G63 AMG moves of the line first leaving Suzuki to play catch-up.

g63 amg & suzuki jimny

Although, once the two SUVs hit the turning and muddy trails, the Jimny has no difficulty in keeping pace. No matter in which path the Mercedes twisted, moving down steep hills or paddling through water deep to get over the Suzuki’s hood, the small yet spunky Jimny remained inside a nipping distance of the Mercedes’ back bumper.

It is for sure that the Mercedes is far more capable than the Jimny as its price tag is about ten times more than that of the Suzuki. It is much heavier and powerful and consists of more off-road gizmos. Nevertheless taking a six-figure grandeur SUV off-road racing is much nausea-inducing than taking a low-priced Jimny off the beaten way. At the time of the race, various tight corners and passes definitely scuffed the paint of both vehicles. Driving the Mercedes off-road may need a Xanax to soothe the nerves; however, you would not require anything other than adrenaline when driving the Suzuki.

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